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Enceladus [CYD 0015]

by Sophos

Explora 16:27
Principia 06:13
Enceladus 11:34
Pionner 05:19
Nyx 07:10
Klanglust 12:09
Eris 05:52


It is the fifth album by Sophos, a project created by multimedia artist Ulises Labaronnie to embrace space music with science.

Enceladus is an icy moon of the planet Saturn, very interesting for its internal oceans, geysers and detected organic molecules. This moon has fascinated the author and in 2009 he composed a work for the complete Solar System and a specific piece for that moon. In this 2020 he decided to re-make the music and make it the main theme of the new album.

1) The work opens with a complex and long theme, called Explora, where the music changes in time, harmonies and melodic content. The Yamaha DX7 opens the album, giving way to a series of sequences that link the digital with the analog. Although it is the most extensive piece, it is also the most energetic and active, creating a dynamic flow through different emotional states.

2) Principia, the second piece presents a nostalgic touch, melodically led by certain tones of digital synthesizers of the mid 80s, such as the Roland D50 and the Yamaha DX7 a slow walk, marked by the bass of the solid Korg Monopoly. The title refers to the Cosmological Principle, which postulates that the large-scale Universe would be homogeneous and isotropic.

3) Enceladus, dedicated to the icy and mysterious moon of Planet Saturn, of epic character, establishes a counterpoint between the roaring bass of the Yamaha DX7 and the choruses, in a strange scale that mixes Greek modes. It runs fast and towards the end is crowned with an analog lead from the Yamaha CS15 in a climax of digital brilliance.

4) Pioneer, dedicated to the first interplanetary missions, advances on a resonant bass from the Yamaha CS15 and an asymmetrical drum kit and presents two leads, the first, from the same open and heroic CS15 and the second from the Yamaha SY77, opaque, closed and full of diminished scales that give it an almost jazzy touch in the middle of a space context.

5) Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night, based on an intricate rhythm created with sequences on the Yamaha SY77 that unfolds its possibilities of becoming metallic tones typical of FM synthesis and white and percussive noises from sampled waves.

6) Klanglust, "desire for sound" in Germanic language. Starts with the classic sound of the DX7 EPiano, a timbre that historically defines this legendary instrument, creating a repeating sequence that is often surrounded by changing string arrangements, passing melodies, and incidental noises. The piece concludes with an experimental section that was originally much longer, where the Korg Monopoly arpeggiators are unleashed freely on strange sounds created with the Yamaha SY77 and DX7.

7) Eris, one of the most voluminous and extremely distant dwarf planets, twice the distance from Pluto. This is a reverberant ambient made with the Yamaha TX81z, where the incredible sonic possibilities of FM synthesis can be appreciated.


released November 27, 2020

Instruments: Yamaha DX7, Yamaha CS15, Yamaha TX81z, Yamaha SY77, Roland JV880, Arturia Minibrute, Epiphany Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, Ableton Sampler with water drops.
Processors: Korg SDD3000 Delay, Yamaha EMP100 Multieffects , Boss GT10 guitar processor

Artwork: U_estudio (@uliseslabaronnie)


all rights reserved



Cyclical Dreams Buenos Aires, Argentina

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