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Music for flowers and bored cats [CYD 0017]

by Electro / Magnetic

Glory 06:03
What a day 11:44
Shame on you 05:47


MUSIC FOR FLOWERS AND BORED CATS is a "clandestine" album, created in moments when I was supposed to do something else. It's filled with autumn spirit and restlessness, even though there are some moments of peace.
I call it "Urban Ambient", because it features field recordings from city life, but also because some pieces contain elements taken from the "urban" music genre.
All the tracks have been recorded and mixed with a 4-track cassette recorder, pitched down and blended with effects to emphasize textures and subtle nuances.

The album opening is full and rich: the first track immediately reveals herself all at once. But later it goes quieter, allowing the listener to appreciate the single elements one by one and setting the mood for the rest of the listening.

The second track is intimate and a bit melancholic. It features field recordings of trains and people. It evokes moments of joy and sadness in a big city, but like in a dream or in a movie.

The third track continues on the same path. Soothing sounds with a hint of bitterness, warm autumn colors with cold wind blowing. This track also suffered a so-called "lucky accident": while I was recording it on tape, there was a malfunctioning with the recorder. In the last part the tape warble and wobble gradually grow, creating an interesting degradation effect. The music slowly becomes less and less harmonic until it fades into noise.

The last track is the most "urban" and brings you back to reality. City noises and an R&B guitar phrase looping over and over accompany the listener from the land of dreams to the concrete jungle of the physical world, just before saying goodbye.

But in the end, none of this has to be taken too seriously.

This album is designed to be experienced at a low volume.

Gear used:
Yamaha CMX100 multitrack cassette recorder
Korg Volca Keys and FM
Zoom MS70 CDR
Ableton Live

Artwork : JazyJaz (@jazy.jaz.art) + U_estudio (@uliseslabaronnie)


released December 19, 2020

"You can listen to this music with your mouth open, or you can completely miss it in the flow of your usual business. It does not require total immersion, but invisibly envelopes you, making the world around a little more friendly, and the listener - a little more noble. It is quite uneasy and multi-layered, but it does not brag about it at all. And even the most long and piercing notes do not encroach on your soul.
No one prevents you from shrugging and remaining an indifferent, bored cat. But if you open up to this music, there is a chance that your day will be filled with a quiet hope, and an equally quiet joy, in finding some inner cache full of unspent life forces.
You may not remember these sounds tomorrow, but you will come to that tomorrow a little changed".
(Dmitry Postovalov)


all rights reserved



Cyclical Dreams Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Sello discográfico donde convergen artistas de Berlin School, Ambient, Soundscape, Space Music, Drone. Proyecto musical, artístico y cultural, tienda online y distribuidor de música digital.-
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